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Distance Nakhjir House from :

  • Tehran:240 km
  • Isfahan : 200 km
  • Kashan : 60 km
  • Qom : 100 km
  • Mahallat : 40 km
  • Delijan : 15 km
  • Chaalnakhjir Cave : 5 km

Address In English:

Nakhjir House Hostel /Front of Hajreis Tower./Fazel Naraghi St / Naragh /Delijan County/Markazi Province /Iran

Address In Farsi:

استان مرکزی – شهرستان دلیجان – شهر نراق- خ فاضل نراقی- کوچه سلمان-روبروی برج حاج رئیس – خانه نخجیر

About Nakhjir House

Nakhjir House Hostel was around two years ago that the 110-year-old building of this hostel was bought from the Iranian family who had lived there for generations . The whole building tells you a long history of its previous dwellers and is by itself a fascinating historic house in Naragh. As a matter of fact, there are quite many historical houses in Naragh and they’re among the most beautiful places in Iran. By staying at Nakhjir House Hostel in Naragh, not only will you have convenient access to the city’s tourist attractions like Jame Mosque but also you can visit the Chaal Nakhjir cave, which is the world’s second largest limestone cave.

photo_2016-11-13_11-52-29Are You Looking For the Quiet Hostel In Naragh ?

The Friendliest Family Hostel In Naragh

Nakhjir House Hostel in Naragh is a Family Hostel.


There are dormitories and private rooms at this hostel in Naragh .

Nakhjir House Hostel is all what a good hostel should be.

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